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Post  Kubiac on Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:04 pm

The mage support in FearFact0ry is horrible at the moment and that is a fact.
We are with 5 mages at siegges and 6 and some pvp while the fighters have 4/5 party's.

We have mages in clan that is true but most are not active.
In the past weeks I have been shouting for some mages recruit and I have a list of subbed and nobless mages that want to join our clan.

We needs spots for this and I only invite them if the unactive mages get out of the clan. I talked with Ivan about this and I think evrybody should know this about this list, I made a list of mages that should leave or must get more active, if there is any complain post a reply at this topic.

Mages that get kicked cause unactive: xoyvax, melindor, conin, FabilitarOX, Anthonidas, emandiha, VKeBonzov, sc4utpl, aoru, profeti.

Mages that get warn but because they are old members we won't kick them yet: Tealk, Gandhi, Ladymore, die4me, samiz

Mages that get warn because they are active but only farm and not join our pvp or siegges: MePhistoo, Prancheta,

A clan rule is that all members have only 1 char in clan: I know some ppl have 2 mages in clan and they should leave with 1. All members are same and nobody should get prefered to get 2 chars in clan. If people are getting angry and are saying to leave then so It be, if you can't live with a democratic clan then I think you should search other clan.

The old members should be kicked in my opinion, maby they are old and it's hard to kick but unacitve mages are useles.....
We can give them a warn and I hope xundertakerx will think about kicking them...


KuBiaC ( any complains about the list pm me or write down at the topic)
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Post  LeitinhoQuente on Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:30 am

o.o sooo

i have to agree exactly with what???

kick mages players that go on siege???

or we have to invite mages on clan???

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