30 April A terrible day

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30 April A terrible day Empty 30 April A terrible day

Post  Kubiac on Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:33 pm

At first I wanne thank's evrybody, because I am happy that I am back in the clan.

But today a tragedy happend in The Netherlands.
Always when the Dutch Queen's birthday there is national Dutch Party day to celebrate it.
But when the Queen was walking through the city Apeldoorn and laughing to the Dutch people, a car wanted to kill her.
He didn't hit the King Familie, but 4 visiters are dead cause of the car and 13 people ( also Children) has been victem and are in crit. situation in the hospital.

I wanne ask evrybody to feel a bit sorry for our victims and for the lovely Dutch Queen.
And let's hope nobody of you will ever make a suicide happening like this.


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