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recuirement!!! Empty recuirement!!!

Post  mpouketidias on Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:56 pm

rom: GReece
Age:(How Much Old Are U) -<<< how old are u dude^_^ 20!
Class: ne/pal
Equipment: items dyn robe am+5 some tt+5 zaken (dyn robe sux-dc robe +6 is same except resist and outfit)
Nobles: yes
Old Clans U Play In: ss2 once upon a time- bloody fist be4 summer Razz cause i had work on summer- and inciton something like that where chisane is ClanL
Reason Why Left Last Clan: no ppl in clan and activity
Other Chars U Have: Razz a lot!! pp se/bd wc's dwarfs
Friends In FF Clan: nahhh
Why Wanna Join FF: -


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