Remake and death FearFact0ry

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Remake and death FearFact0ry Empty Remake and death FearFact0ry

Post  Kubiac on Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:15 am

Dear people,
As ex-co - leader of FearFact0ry I have to admit that FearFact0ry has reached his end Crying or Very sad
Our times has been passed and the value of our clan will always stay in our harts and nobody can take taht away.
I wanne thank all the members and friends that made it possible to play in harmony in dark and good times. We have showed Lineage II that even in the most dark times, clans like us can give resistance. We made different ally's , different sides and that makes us unique.
I tried several times to remake FearFact0ry, but the management is out of activity and I guess the clan hall is giran and our remembers are the only things that are left. If once Ivan decide to recover the hart of FF then it will be posted and you can sign to come back.
Thanks for everything
The leadership of FearFact0ry
Ivan(xundertakerx), Erwin (KuBiaC), Nahir (Marianelaxxx), Nebrosia ( Neno)
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Remake and death FearFact0ry Empty -.-

Post  unkwon on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:43 pm

so... now tell me how to use ts3 i downloaded that program for fun Very Happy
ty for lvl me atte Takiya bb


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